2nd Edition 2015

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The Winner of the online Audience Prize is: Athens City di Dimitrios Athanasiadis, Alexandros Kazakos, Antonios Rouseas.

Athens City
by Dimitrios Athanasiadis, Alexandros Kazakos, Antonios Rouseas
Taking a view of the city of Athens via the culture of the youths
average vote: 2.9
We are free
by Filippo Scalisi
Short story of three guys who express themselves in the urban jungle, spending their day doing what they love
average vote: 2.5
by Matteo Rocchi
Are we really sure that the enclosed spaces limit our possibilities? Or there may be a world enclosed within four walls of cement? Each of us has a personal vision of the "the inner world".
average vote: 2.5
La giostra delle connessioni urbane
by Rosita Giulian
the expression urban in frames stations, metro and road italian
average vote: 2.4
Run for Love
by Giacomo Gianola
The story of a love that has not yet come to an end. Milan, September 2015.
average vote: 2.3
Parkour Loop
by Antonio Avossa, Fabrizio Orsola, Davide Zucchetti
The passion for videomaking and parkour both in the same person rappresented in this quick video, shooted in the north suburbia of Rome, Labaro.
average vote: 2.2
by Barbara Valente
And what if the walls of our city were to become animated in order to catch a fugitive acrobat? The urban jungle hides its surprises around every corner. CHOOSE YOUR TRICK, LIFE IS A TREAT!
average vote: 2.0
The hot holiday of Summer Driver
by Muimoiro C. (Mariachiara Porcelluzzi)
A child faces a hot and boring summer day using her imagination: dressed like a superhero refreshes the town with her water gun. She's looking for the fuel which can activate the superpowers of her magic turtle. But the reality is not so exciting.
average vote: 2.0
Skateboarding - An Adventure for Indians
by Vishal Jaiswal
Courage is facing your fears.
average vote: 1.8
toute bonne chose connait une fin.
by Chris Rob
time flies when you're having fun. 12,000KM / 25 States / 120 Hours of Road. the trip of a lifetime, yet all good things must come to an end in order to make them special. Not the quarry, but the chase. Not the trophy, but the race.
average vote: 1.8
by Seo Jeong (Isabelle) Yang
Beaches. Burgers. Hikes. City lights. These are a few of the things that make up Californian culture. Here is a glimpse of a California life.
average vote: 1.8
The Street Elements
by Gianmarco De Santis
The scene of Barcelona’s urban culture, going through the peace to the ferocity of the streets. The pure essence of different arts. Daily elements of city life.
average vote: 1.8
Feel it
by Ivan Fonrodona
It explains the evolution and the persistence of misunderstood street athlets and it shows the necessary effort that makes these amazing acrobatics possible.
average vote: 1.7
Get the Scrambler Vibe
by Lievijn Hogeboom
My video gets you excited for the Scrambler motor. You can see several street art related shots, while during the video you see shots of someone getting ready to drive the motor. While only when you are close to the end of the video you can see the entire motor.
average vote: 1.7
Scrambler & The City
by Alfonso Perugini
The chaos of the city represented with psychedelic time-lapses and slow-motions, compared with Ducati Scrambler motorcycle. Order in disorder.
average vote: 1.6
¿Qué tal si? (What if?)
by Roberto Vásquez y Álvaro Espinosa
A guy that enjoy his life but feels that the routine he is in is not good. He wanted to meet a girl in a restaurant, and one day he decided to make some changes. He meets her and begins a life that he always wished for.
average vote: 1.6
Street Life Family
by Gabriele Danielli
A Scrambler family leaves a little town to go to the see. They go skateboarding through the countryside and reach the sea, finally. Life is terrible: washing machine is waiting for them, at home. We are Scrambler, we are a Scrambler Family
average vote: 1.6
by Andrea Bartalini, Diana Thorimbert
SOUNDinMOTION is a continuous flow, a jerky sequence of images and original sounds. Here the walls, the streets and their sounds become protagonists. With more than 2000 pictures, we head you through the sounds of our groovy underground neighbourhood.
average vote: 1.6
Feeling Scrambler
by Bjorn De Maeseneer
The feeling you need to get away from it all and how you can achieve total freedom
average vote: 1.6
Frozen music
by Eugeniu Cornitel
"Architecture is frozen music" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, which makes of my city Bologna, on of the most groovy, energetic, and funky songs, which Bboy Teo is melting with his breaking.
average vote: 1.6
Hit the Road
by Alessia Gasparella
The freedom that the road can give you is unique and full of opportunities. Take your chances and hit the road no matter how.
average vote: 1.6
by Emanuele Stalla
The video was entirely filmed in Petropolis, also known as The Imperial City of Brazil. From the morning until late at night, the spectator is taken on a journey through the city, where nature and civilization coexist in harmony.
average vote: 1.6
The Night And Food
by Saeed Anwar
Enjoying the Night and Awesome Food Of Karachi..
average vote: 1.5
Urban Safari
by Sebastiano Caceffo
For years, the Des Ursulines Skatepark of Brussels has been a place of artistic and cultural integration for all people, regardless of their age, origin and religion. Today the park is likely to close for lack of funds, but its inhabitants , led by the skateboarders association, are willing to fight in defense of their habitat.
average vote: 1.5
by Francesco Colantonio
A mad dash through the city. Why? Don't go back in time to find fiery passions. Love is today.
average vote: 1.5
Fuori fuoco (out of focus)
by Valentina Mameli
Rome, the impenetrable urban jungle. This is the way i see this City, the way I live this City. Lots of beautiful things but also a lot of traffic, lots of public transportations, I'm alwayls late. But on the other side, of course, people having fun and enjoying life in this messy city. Love it or leave it, that's what Mama Roma says.
average vote: 1.5
by Francesco Barigozzi
A glimpse at Berlin in 2015 - a city still enveloped by its fate as middle-earth, bridled between past and future, yet present to itself.
average vote: 1.5
Madi Burton Breaking Up
by Paul Jilbert
Madi Burton must part from her childhood and break up with her skateboard to find new horizons and needs something with a little more speed and fun!
average vote: 1.5
In the street
by Jose Antonio Yanez Contena
A regular guy finds himself walking through the city streets, meeting some street artists who inspire him to open his mind to the culture of street art and make him become symbolically part of it.
average vote: 1.5
by Alexander Paulus
Street Culture: Tampa shows the beautiful city of Tampa, FL and two teens, Alex and Nick showing their passion for Parkour, Skateboarding and Longboarding and how this beauitful city is a perfect place to do it.
average vote: 1.5
The girl with the red balloons
by Giraud Nathalie, Corteggiani Timothée
The existence of an individual remains in the memory of others. It's the last defense against absolute nothingness, and it must be cultivate.
average vote: 1.5
by Regina Fayzullina
Imaginary perception of the urban streets by skateboard.
average vote: 1.5
Art Streets
by Lisa Cantini, Antonio Mansi
We took a walk through the streets Florence to discover its lesser known forms of art. But we noticed that something weird started to happen. Street Art by CLET, Exit/Enter, Blub and Hopnn Yuri
average vote: 1.5
"Arte Libera" - Free Art
by Fabio Aprea (Baio&Co and Comdart)
" Music, Street Art, Colours, Life. We are the Urban Stories, We are Life "
average vote: 1.5
skating avec jeanne moreau
by Margherita Ferri
In the movie "La baie des anger", Jeanne Moreau says "Why deny myself this passion? In whose name? I'm free!" and so are the girls who ride skateboards along the city streets.
average vote: 1.5
Sweet old School
by Marco Filippo Spinelli
Sweet old School is a short film made in Sicily . A boy and a table, two simple elements that represent the desire for freedom. Come with me if you want to live.
average vote: 1.5
My City
by Twin Pixel Video
Streets are cities' veins. The lifeblood flows within those streets; they cross one each other, they join and melt until you see the whole city with its power of expression, and you are a part of this energy. We all are.
average vote: 1.4
by Luca Capponi and Wolfgang Jalog
Art can be found in different forms; surely, this is one of the most pure state of mind characterized by the desire of travelling and carrying on the old tradition of entertainment.
average vote: 1.4
Like A Stone
by Marilena Brugnara
Sport, nature, happiness, creativity, semplicity, are some of the keywords that characterizes this video. The passion is at the base of each take. Everyday in real life we have to climb some obstacles to survive, and this video want to represent in metaphoric way this thought.
average vote: 1.4
Napoli Paint Stories
by Gennaro Maria Cedrangolo
Napoli Paint Stories is a walk in the neapolitan historical center through murales, street art, slogans, posters and graffiti to discover urban art, with the intention to provoke riflections on a type of art -but not only- that tells the story of our society.
average vote: 1.4
by Riccardo Donati & Niccolò Morabito
We captured the essence of riding a bike, something that make us closer to our origins .
average vote: 1.4
Spying the Urbe
by Manuel Marini
This video is introduced by a view of the "Urbe", Roma. Passing throught a different series of street sports and urban scenarios, we get an actual impression of a usual afternoon with friends who hang out in the street of their cities, having fun, enjoying their times.
average vote: 1.4
by Riccardo De Angelis
An anonymous citizen parking is transformed into a work of art by the best Italian writers.
average vote: 1.4
The bear goes to the city
by Arianna Quagliotto, Emanuele Hall, Gaetano Gargliardi
In the North Italy, a lonely bear decides to go from the mountains of Trentino to the city of Trento for discover the life of his human neighbors. But his adventure is going to be harder than he thinks...
average vote: 1.4
by Max Garzia
Street Art Mandala Calligraphy
average vote: 1.4
Nel paese dei muri parlanti (In the village of talking walls)
by Filippo Vendemmiati - SimoneMarchi
“Keep Calm and Carry On”. No hurry in the streets of the Village of talking walls. At sunset, sitting outdoor, people hear cicadas and hawkers , the rustle of the waves and the chanting of the rosary. A world out of time waiting for the night.
average vote: 1.4
2 wheels VS 4 wheels: Incredible challenge
by Ian Sibera
Skateboarding, Longboarding Parkour, BMX
average vote: 1.4
by Fábio Granja
Landscapes, Sports, Sunset, Beach & Bodyboard.
average vote: 1.4
by Claudia Galeazzi
a hipnotic and powerful voyage which tells the essence of the metallic and architectural geometry
average vote: 1.4
"Il Traliccio"
by Walter Di Bella
Two lovers have a date in a place where rivers, trees, murales and trellis coexist. Urban and natural aspects blend into a beautiful and bizzarre view.
average vote: 1.4
by Ricardo Mares - Luis Alburqueque
The Scrambler Ducati has wings and in this video we want to show this wings in action!
average vote: 1.4
Destiny in Germany
by Sami Al-Asfour
We saw the Heidelberg castle, Hessenpark museum, Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Saarland, and the vineyards of the Mosel region. Germany is a beautiful country rich in history and culture!
average vote: 1.4
This is what we are...
by Juan & Vero
This is what we are... shows what we like , what we do, what we enjoy and so we are happy.
average vote: 1.4
The Wall
by Laura Iannaccone
The quit city transforms in urban jungle where everyone can express your freedom!
average vote: 1.4
Scrambler I Am
by Carmen Centrone
Travels, Nature, Happiness
average vote: 1.4
The Edge
by Iacopo Carapelli
The Edge is a short film about the simply joy of skateboarding. You don't have to be a Pro to ride a skateboard, just enjoy it.
average vote: 1.4
by spankidz
spankidz collective graffiti. Realised in Maubeuge (France) on the wall of a disused cinema.
average vote: 1.4
Bike & Skateboard
by Charlie Mark
The meeting between a bike and a skateboard. What will they do together?
average vote: 1.4
otra Luz
by Eduardo Herrera
"otra Luz" (another Light) wants to be a kind of travel itinerary; dimensions, sounds and images of an inner light yearning to emerge.
average vote: 1.4
Some Kind Of Wicked
by Paul Jilbert
Teens live the fast life, wicked speed, adventure, falling in love, hanging out with friends and part of growing up is moving up to Scrambler! Scrambler is Wicked!
average vote: 1.4
by Adrian orbe & Nate Neal
A short look into the LA street lifestyle from sun up and sun down
average vote: 1.4
Ridin' the 'Duck
by Gordon Moore
Short ride up CA SR 89 north of Truckee on my Scrambler Ducati Icon.
average vote: 1.4
by Anthony Zarate
This is how we express ourselves in San Antonio Texas.
average vote: 1.4
my scrambler summer
by Michael Davies
'My scrambler summer' is a mash-up of my 2015 summer experiences including street art, street sculptures, street performers and rather strangely sheep in the city!
average vote: 1.4
by Kuesti Fraun
About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life..
average vote: 1.4
The Street life of Pakistan
by Umair Tahir
This video shows some of the pictures and clips taken by the editor for the street life of Pakistan
average vote: 1.4
Beleza das Ruas - Scrambler
by Éder - Claudielle
It is on the urban style of living. The hidden beauty in the everyday interacting with people every day.
average vote: 1.4
Scarlet Vice
by Sam Miles
Street culture is about the accessibility of recreation, art and music. Rock and Roll music is the outlaw of non-traditional, and has been thought to now be a dying breed... but its cultivation is being revitalized by a whole new progeny!
average vote: 1.4
Misplaced - Malriposto
by Andrea Piersanti
What is the meaning of "misplaced"? When we feel that something is not as it should be? From what we perceive this discomfort? And above all, we only feel this sensation?
average vote: 1.4
Milan Street Life
by Luca Chinaglia & Leonardo Modonutto
Two days walking through Milan exploring the relationship between street people and the place where they perform.
average vote: 1.3
Joy ride
by Courtney Taylor
Me driving the country side
average vote: 1.3
The Journey
by Luca Crivello
The Journey of cultures, art, environment, music, sports and people
average vote: 1.3
by Alfonso Fernández Pousada
You don’t need specific clothes. a specific place or hear music whole time. You only need comfortable clothes and passion for knowing your limits through the motion with your body, adapting yourself to the environment, not adapting the environment to you.
average vote: 1.3
Beyond the style
by Giuseppe Riccardi
A writer cross the city. He's going to a jam. The city is like a jungle where everything moves quickly. Street culture is more than graffiti.
average vote: 1.3
Indian experience
by Francesco Ignazio Re
A glimpse of India, a fantastic world full of contradictions and deep traditions that will make you astonished.
average vote: 1.3
by Giorgio Vacirca
We were born with a pair of wings, but only dreamers can fly. Fly with your body, fly with your mind, fly with your soul.
average vote: 1.3
Jungle Lima
by Natalia Vizcarra
It’s not easy, but it’s home. Life is full of flavor in my city, everyone has their ways to survive. This is my recipe.
average vote: 1.3
As Time Goes By...
by Lorenzo Castelli
a bunch of guys chase the Time; during the hunt, each of them leave the chasing for different motivation, only one keeps it until the end and he find himself devoured byTime. this work is meant to represent the life in Rome, with it's timing, it's strong emotional feelings and the need of the young people to scrambler life to reach theyr objectives
average vote: 1.3
by Paul Chapman
LDN is short for London and growing up in London all my life its become my blood and culture.
average vote: 1.3
Phoenix in a Day
by Hunter Clark
Phoenix is know for its weather and outdoor lifestyle so I decided to showcase this through three major aspects of the city's street culture: skateboarding/long boarding, street art, and hiking.
average vote: 1.3
Night Ride
by Carlani e Dogana
The film celebrates a new kind of bikers and lovers and features vignettes of young people experiencing the thrill of the night. "Do you want to go out and live your life, or stay in and watch others live theirs?"
average vote: 1.3
by Edoardo Carmignani, Sharon Salerni, Marcello Serino
Lost occasions and wrong choices take us away from what we really want. A whole life isn't enough. The only way to play with time is to fix it in a perfect moment. Art doesn't duplicate reality; art improves life.
average vote: 1.3
The street is my stage
by Flavio Ferri, Antonio Lento, Ion Pancrat, Ion Balica
This is the story of a journey.. A journey that we have inside us.. It motivate us..it inspire us.. It unites us.. This journey is not finished yet..Stay tuned!
average vote: 1.3
The Delhi Diaries
by Prakhar Deep Jain
the video shows how to scale every part of Delhi and its wild side in just 30 days. You ll also see the never seen places before...
average vote: 1.3
Scrambler you are - Daniele De Caro Carella
by Daniele De Caro Carella
My Ducati Scrambler is sleeping and is dreaming where it did go, the italian spirit of street...
average vote: 1.3
Urban Game - Freestyle Football
by Kamil Drzewucki
Freestyle football in the urban jungle in Polish capital - Warsaw.
average vote: 1.3
Giochi iconici
by Sébastien Arrighi
It is in this place that I can find the distant scents from Corsica, in this wood that I can observe the boy scoots taking challenges. This is the place where I like recording the life through my camera. This wood is an icon in Brussels.
average vote: 1.3
by Mattia Bissoli, Giovanni Malvetti
Video through music and street arts, wants to denounce a reality that is told and lived through these arts
average vote: 1.3
Old Skull
by Pavle Cvijovic
Acrylic on wall. This one is dedicated to the graveyard in the front of this old school. The skull wears hat of the roof
average vote: 1.3
Le Boulevard
by Veronesi Nicolò e Malacarne Francesco
One of the keys for the creation is love, More you give the more you receive, more you Share the more you learn. This is what helps to evolve, and this is the reason why I became myself.
average vote: 1.3
The Call
by Filippo Di Rosa, Valeria Vari
A call, a trip. See the city with different eyes.
average vote: 1.3
Bella Vita
by Andrea Terenzi
Bella Vita is a short film set in a small town of Adriatic coast, Cattolica. The friendship and sport are the conductive thread of the story of two simple guys who genuinely love to have fun. Look no further than what you have in yourself.
average vote: 1.3
by Alessandro Bianchi
A photo reporter went in Aleppo in May 2014. Its mind is confused about his experience and he can't delete the danger of that war.... So he try to speak with other arts and he meets the street culture... Is there an other point of view?
average vote: 1.3
Delhi and It's Street Culture
by Aayushya Ranjan
This video showcases a brief yet enriching tour to a market in Delhi, which is full of life. :)
average vote: 1.3
by Angelito Makiramdam
This is about a charity event in which we 'the artist' painted the wall of our mini chapel here in our village, we named it "gift" because we believe that this talent is a gift from God and we would like to use it to help our mini chapel be beautiful as people would appreciate the it.
average vote: 1.3
NYC Street Fighters
by Alessandro Capitani
Choose your way, choose your life!
average vote: 1.3
by Francesco Malacarne
The simphonic culture of the street is inspired onto who wanders freely on it, coming from beneath and increasingly joining the air that the free soul breaths, surrounding his mind, attracting him to the source of inspiration. He who dreams, conquers the spiritual domain of his consciousness to express himself.
average vote: 1.3
When a traffic light is alone during the night
by Ludovico Bossi
What do the traffic lights do when no one see them during the night?
average vote: 1.3
Vedo a Colori
by Zuri Medina e Roberta Maria Simonetti
We talk about the relationship between the naval port and the urban life of a city. The port is the soul of the city, the oldest site, where young and old people admire the sea. Bring the murals at the port means to give new life to that place. Urban Art creates beauty, Urban Art is life.
average vote: 1.3
Na Rua
by Giuli Bene
Deco make graffiti because of the immediate impact on people's everyday life. In a strong social differences society like Brazilian one, the graffiti remains democratic. Because the roads are common property. The graffiti experience establishes an indissoluble link between the artist and the inhabitants of the area.
average vote: 1.3
Nel sottopassaggio
by Gianluca Caprara
A young street artist tells urban art
average vote: 1.3
Urban Animal
by Alla Alexandrovna Rizzo
This video tells briefly a typical day of a Sicilian skater girl. During her journey in skate, the skater meets the particularities and beauties of her city starting from the historical monuments to the street food, the lifestyle to the street art.
average vote: 1.3
by Marc G. Berthereau
Never give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration you can not go wrong. We are Unstopabble.
average vote: 1.3
Lonely Logan
by Daniel Duerto
My friend Logan is lonely. But he enjoys art and music and exploring the urban jungle of Houston.
average vote: 1.3
The City of Lights and Art
by Louise Lynggaard Olsen
As a foreigner in this city, Auckland sure has ad a great impact on me. I have now studied here for 4 months, and the city's life keeps surprising me. I didn't want to keep one focus, as Auckland's streets are filled with too many different amazing things, that I didn't want to leave out.
average vote: 1.3
Ground Release: a documentary
by Ludovic Vickers
Graffiti has gone from vandalism to art - particularly over the past decade - thanks to artists like Banksy and Invader. But how easy it for mural artists to express themselves in the city of London?
average vote: 1.3
Moss, A Street Culture Project
by Michael Coles
Making moss art as a city beautification project.
average vote: 1.2
Italian Skaters
by Duccio Brunetti
90 seconds with two skaters from a small city in Italy (Spoleto). Shoot in a 4:3 format, with a fish-eye lens and a mini dv camera.
average vote: 1.2